From Cremona to Sens

Florentin Perrin established the workshop in Sens, January 2006, after having been trained in Crémona, Italy. Today he works with his father, François Perrin, in the workshop in rue Paul Bert.

Violinmaking... a family affair

François Perrin, violinmaker, worked from 1968 in his celebrated workshop “Bru & Perrin “ in rue Elzevir, in the Marais, Paris. Isabelle, his daughter, now runs the workshop, which has moved to rue de la Vôute, still in Paris.



Our instruments are set up to the highest of standards, known to our clients in Paris. We have developed this for almost 40 years, and for which we are now renowned.

We are always sensitive to players’ specialised requests and in order to satisfy their individual needs we offer a wide choice of stringed instruments and bows, from student to professional standards.

We look forward to welcoming you to our workshop in Sens where we offer a wide range of services including restoration, maintainance, valuation, instrument consignment and bow rehairing within 24 hours.

Sale and Rental

We offer a wide range of accessories and strings, especially gut strings for Baroque instruments.
It is also possible,  when the music teacher is unable to try an instrument in the workshop, that the instrument be borrowed for a period of up to a  week in order that they can provide their opinion. It has been our policy for more than forty years !



Florentin Perrin... the beginnings